4 Tips for Celebrating a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

Sober St. Patrick's Day Tips

Celebrating a sober St. Patrick’s Day can be tough. Like other holidays, St. Patrick’s Day can be a major trigger for people in recovery. There are expectations to let loose and drink, which can easily lead to lower inhibitions and a greater risk of lapsing back into drug use.

Whether you’re celebrating your first sober St. Patrick’s Day or you’re just looking for new ways to prepare for the cravings and triggers that the day can bring, Groups is here to help. We asked our team for some of their best ways to stay clean and sober this St. Patrick’s Day to keep your recovery on track!

1. Have a get-together with friends in recovery 

Just because your plans may look different for St. Patrick’s Day this year, doesn’t mean you need to spend it alone! Reach out to some friends in recovery (try other members from your group!) and enjoy spending time together without the pressures of drinking or partying. Groups has hundreds of locations and thousands of members here to help you stay on track.

2. Make some mocktails with friends 

Being the only person not drinking at a party can feel isolating. A way to feel more comfortable in these situations is to come prepared with your own non-alcoholic drinks. These mocktail recipes will help you stick to your recovery without feeling like you’re missing out.

3. Set goals and boundaries 

Establishing boundaries for yourself can be a smart way to stick to your recovery and feel more confident saying “no.” Leaving conversations and situations that cross your boundaries may be challenging, but try to remind yourself that you’re doing it to stay healthy. Need some tips on how to escape tough conversations and make sure you have a sober St. Patrick’s Day? Check out our Holiday Recovery Guide.

4. Need extra support today? Call someone from your group to talk about how you’re feeling 

Recovery is a big life change, and can feel overwhelming. It’s always okay if you find yourself needing someone to talk to. Reach out to your counselor or another group member, or you can always call us at 888-858-1723. We’re here for you 24/7.

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