Opioid addiction treatment that works. Together.



Macy, Counselor in California

“I am in recovery myself and it helps me to help others. I'm here to help.”

Kayla M, Counselor in Bedford Indiana_V2.jpg

Kayla, Counselor in Indiana

“Dealing with raw, past life events is the most excruciating thing someone must come to terms with, and doing that alone is almost impossible. I want our members to know they are not alone, and to feel compassion because they deserve it.”

Tiffany B, Counselor, North Carolina.jpeg

Tiffany, Counselor in North Carolina

“The Groups Recover Together philosophy is what brought me to the organization. Our success rates keep me here. It’s inspiring to be part of a model that is proving to help so many.”


Myles, Counselor in Maine

“Seven years ago I woke up in a prison cell thinking my life was over. After 3 years of incarceration, I went back to school to become an Addictions Counselor. Groups Recover Together has shown me firsthand that you do not need to become a victim of circumstance. Groups allowed me to be the person I was intended to be. They have allowed me to transform my experience and skills as a counselor into the every day realities that addiction holds and give back to those who are suffering from addiction.”


Joe, Counselor in Indiana

“I’ve been in recovery for 20 years. I belong here. This is where I’m supposed to be. What keeps me at Groups Recover Together is the people. The lives we’re helping to change.”

Janet S, Counselor, Jasper, Indiana.jpg

Janet, Counselor in Indiana

“Stigma plays a large part in addiction. Together we are redefining the way recovery is achieved by using the gold standard of care through Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). We know time is of the essence to save lives.”


Colton, Member in Indiana

“We lost our house. I never wanted it to get to the point where it was affecting my child and everything else. Because he was there, it was a different. I was tired of spending all my money on stuff that didn't work for me anymore. I haven't done any drugs for 6 months [as of March ‘19].

I think I want to be a counselor one day. I know what it’s like to have that addict[ed] perspective.”

Katelyn P, Member, Indiana_2.jpg

Katelyn, Member in Indiana

“I look forward to it [group] every single week. There’s people in here who are like me. Addiction has taken a lot. I lost my kids, my family at one point. I didn’t have anywhere to live. Recovering this time, I’m completely different than what I was. Now I’m getting my kids back. I’m working. This time, it’s completely turned my life around.”


Matt, Member in Indiana

“I couldn’t do it without this. I enjoy coming to group. I consider these guys my friends. They’re wanting the same things I’m wanting [sobriety]. We look out for each other.”

Misty L Member Maine.jpg

Misty, Member in Maine

“This is where we regroup for the week. Normally we feel better when we leave. They [Groups] make it really easy for you. As long as you want it, they make it easy to come here and stay here. But, you have to follow the rules.”


Jacob, Member in Indiana

“I feel like I used to get high just to not feel anything but it ended up making it worse in the long run. I just thought it was making it better when it really wasn't.”


Heather, Member in Maine

“I like how they hold you accountable. If you do mess up, they're easy to talk to about it. Usually in other groups I would not like to admit that I messed up...but this place I've always felt comfortable being able to say it out loud to everybody because I feel comfortable with the counselors here and the people in my group.”


Tasha, Member in Indiana

“We were borrowing money from our grandparents and moms and were not able to keep our son in the school he liked because we would spend money on drugs. There was a point where I cried because I lost everything including myself. I wanted to finally get back on track. I have money now and I’m spending it the way I should on family and on things that we actually need. At my job they tell me that I am very important. I’ve never been told that before.”


Jenny, Member in Indiana

“I almost lost everything because I was hiding that I was doing drugs. It feels amazing to be sober. It’s a lot better than being high. I get to keep my husband and my kids. I’ve actually stayed clean and opened up more [about my use] at Groups. I love group, they treat me like family. I’ve been here 6 months [as of May’19].”


Paul, Member in Indiana

“This really serves a purpose. I think it’s a real good program.”

Connie P.jpg

Connie, Member in Indiana

“I think about my children and how I need to be good for them and show them the right way. I have 3 children. It's (the necklace) for people to see and be inspired to know someone can clean up. I didn't look forward to meetings when I first started. But they brought me out of this hole of darkness and into the light. Things are clearer now.”


Alison, Office Coordinator in New Hampshire

“I want to do my part to help with the opioid epidemic in the State of New Hampshire. I enjoy helping and serving my community!”


Ariel, Operations Specialist & Clinical Supervisor in California

“I have been in recovery for 6 years and I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life than working with those who are struggling from addiction.”


Allison, Office Coordinator in Indiana

“In some way, everyone has been affected by the opioid epidemic. Either we have family, friends, or at least know someone, and have seen the destruction that this disease can cause. Groups Recover Together is continually working towards finding the best possible solution for the members and communities that we serve.”


Ashley, Associate Director of Operations & Development, Midwest

'“I wake up every day knowing that today is a day that we can help change someone's life for the better. The work that the members and the staff do is truly transformative. The staff at Groups Recover Together will stand beside you and fight the stigma around addiction. Groups is a family that you can rely on.”


Stephanie, Office Coordinator in Indiana

“I've worked in healthcare for 13 years. Specifically, I've worked with seniors that had been on strong prescription drugs for long periods of time. Addiction does not discriminate on age, race, or gender. With Groups Recover Together I have had the opportunity to see amazing transformations from day one at our member's intake to 2 weeks down the road. Visibly seeing the [members’] recovery is the reason I stay to fight the stigma.”