"We lost our house and had to sleep in my mother in law’s basement with 6 other people. We were borrowing money from our grandparents and moms and were not able to keep our son in the school he liked because we would spend money on drugs. There was a point where I cried because I lost everything including myself. I wanted to be clean and sober for my husband and our son. I wanted to finally get back on track. I have money now and I’m spending it the way I should on family and on things that we actually need. At my job they tell me that I am very important. I’ve never been told that before."

- Tasha, Groups member, Bluffton, Indiana #WeAreGroups


"I had to clean up for my daughter. I lost her daddy due to drugs and that's what got me started in recovery. I think about my children and how I need to be good for them and show them the right way. I have 3 children. It's (the necklace) for people to see and be inspired to know someone can clean up. I didn't look forward to meetings when I first started. But they brought me out of this hole of darkness and into the light. Things are clearer now.

- Connie, Groups member, Martinsville, IN, wearing her 1-year recovery coin on a necklace #WeAreGroups


"This is the longest period of time that I’ve been clean in 30 years. I had to get honest with myself first. A lot of times I’d quit for someone else. That doesn’t work, you have to quit for yourself or it wont work. Everything is back on track now. I feel normal now. I can remember how I used to feel before I used drugs. I remember the man I used to be. I’m not saying everything is perfect but I'm getting there."

- Randy, Groups member, Ellsworth, Maine #WeAreGroups