Meet people from
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Kayla, Counselor, Indiana

Support, love, praise, and encouragement are what people need to continue on their lifelong recovery. Dealing with raw, past life events is the most excruciating thing someone must come to terms with, and doing that alone is almost impossible. I want our members to know they are not alone, and to feel compassion because they deserve it.


Randy, Member, Maine

This is the longest period of time that I’ve been clean in 30 years. I had to get honest with myself first. A lot of times I’d quit for someone else. That doesn’t work, you have to quit for yourself or it wont work. Everything is back on track now. I feel normal now. I can remember how I used to feel before I used drugs. I remember the man I used to be. I’m not saying everything is perfect but I'm getting there.


Colton, Member, Indiana

No one knows what it's like so they can't really pass judgement and assume how easy it is to stop if they haven't been through it themselves. People always say “Why don’t you just quit? It’s that easy.” I always say “Why don’t you compare it to not breathing? It’s that easy. Don’t assume we’re not trying, everyone's different but a lot of times people assume that you’re not trying.


Amy, Associate Executive Director, Northeast & California

When I am able to travel to our different offices, my favorite thing to do is attend group. I feel honored to witness the incredible resilience, hear the amazing stories, and watch the recovery process unfolding. No matter what city or state I am in, the pain of addiction looks the same, and the beauty and hope of recovery is always just as incredible.


Ashley, Associate Executive Director, Midwest

I wake up every day knowing that today is a day that we can help change someone's life for the better. The work that the members and the staff do is truly transformative. The staff at Groups Recover Together will stand beside you and fight the stigma around addiction. Groups is a family that you can rely on.


Connie, Member, Indiana, wearing her 1-year recovery coin on a necklace

I had to clean up for my daughter. I lost her daddy due to drugs and that's what got me started in recovery. I think about my children and how I need to be good for them and show them the right way. I have 3 children. It's (the necklace) for people to see and be inspired to know someone can clean up. I didn't look forward to meetings when I first started. But they brought me out of this hole of darkness and into the light. Things are clearer now.