Meet our Founders


Meet Dr. Jeff De Flavio, MD

Who lives and who dies hinges on what healthcare is available and how much it costs. I became a physician because I believe everyone should be able to access the help they need to get well. I was drawn to addiction medicine because structural discrimination and bias have stifled the most effective types of treatment. Drug users have been made into illegal and invisible people, their behavior criminalized and pushed out of sight. I founded Groups to bring the best of modern medical science to those most in need. It’s my hope, as it is Paul Farmer’s, that the benefits of such treatment may also “serve as an antidote to despair.”

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Meet Joy Sun

I believe that health is not just medical—it’s social. I first learned that when I worked on access to HIV treatment, and saw how factors like family, culture, and income influenced one’s likelihood of getting sick and, once sick, of getting quality care. Nowhere is this more true than addiction. At Groups, we’re creating a solution that understands the social determinants that lead to addiction—and more importantly, to recovery. I want to not only redefine the medical model for treating addiction, but also change the way our society thinks about addiction and those affected by it.


Meet Silas Howland

The health of the mind and the health of the body are inseparable, yet in the West this fact is often overlooked. With medicine for the body and therapy for the mind, our practice provides patients with the support and space to begin reengaging with life and activating their potential. At Groups, I participate in a reclamation of life and vitality, building tools and systems to help some of our most vulnerable and overlooked citizens regain confidence, health, and a sense of self-worth.


A note from Groups founder Dr Jeff DeFlavio

We all care for patients struggling with opiate addiction. We see them in our practices almost every day. As physicians, we feel an obligation to treat their disease.

We founded Groups so that every person struggling with opiate dependence can get the help they need to regain control of their life. Our protocol driven medical system combines the most effective pharmacological and behavioral therapies to provide superior, affordable outcomes. Most physicians who practice with us are not addiction specialists. They rely on our team-based system – clear guidelines for doctors, a team with deep experience in addiction, and access to consults from our experts – to deliver outstanding care.

Excellent treatment outcomes only solve half the problem. To end this epidemic, we need everyone to get involved. Physicians deserve a partner they can depend on to make this difficult work convenient and rewarding. Our flexible scheduling, superior remuneration, and short time commitments mean there is no longer an excuse for sitting on the sidelines.

There are more than a million people in America searching for and unable to find treatment for opiate addiction. Groups offers them a chance to join a trusting and supportive community in which to heal. Every name on a waitlist is someone who wants to escape from addiction and is reaching out for help. Please join us and start empowering patients to get their lives back.

Jeff DeFlavio, MD, on behalf of all the physicians at Groups