Why we do it

Debbie P, Counselor, Indiana - 2SQ.jpg

Meet Debbie, BS MATS CADAC II, Counselor in Indiana

“As a counselor, I am trusted with imparting knowledge to members, which is made easier because most of them are eager and want to learn, which is also different from other MAT facilities. The best part of my job, however, is not teaching members, but holding space for them to learn from one another.”


Meet Heather, MA LCMHC, Clinical Director in New Hampshire

“One of the things I like most about working for Groups Recover Together is the lack of bureaucracy. In this organization we work diligently to remove barriers, rather than create them. Everyone is focused on giving our members what they need to succeed, not on process and paperwork.”

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Meet Cynthia, Counselor in Indiana

“I was looking for a program that matched my ethics and the desire to put the needs of the members first. I have great support from Groups and have built professional relationships with staff and members.”

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Meet Dr. Little, Physician in Maine

“I enjoy working with groups of people highly motivated to remain drug-free. With the structure developed by Groups Recover Together, I am able to provide evidence-based information and therapy to dramatically improve people's lives. I take pride in being on the front lines of this devastating epidemic.”