Work with Us

Joining the team at Groups means joining a movement to stop the opiate epidemic in our communities. It means committing to challenging the status quo in addiction treatment; innovating constantly to improve outcomes and client satisfaction; and not stopping until every person who needs help can get it. We look for people who are flexible and entrepreneurial; put patients and team above self; and have the highest professional standards.


All full-time roles are salaried with generous medical and paid time-off benefits. We believe in providing competitive compensation, including great benefits, to those who provide care to others. We also believe in professional development and invest in paid time-off each year for every employee to pursue training that helps them grow. We do not believe in compensating employees based on billing or other financial metrics; instead, our focus is on quality and access.

What's it like working with us

How would you describe your colleagues?

I really like the people I work with. As a group, I find them to be committed, encouraging, and focused on our patients' getting better. Some time ago, I noticed that everyone at Groups had started saying: My patient was..., Our client is..., In group today we talked about.... There is a collective investment in-and ownership of-the successes of our patients; and this is pervasive throughout the organization. Everyone is here for the same reason--to see our groups and communities get better and I think it is a testament to our mission that we have been able to attract such wonderful people to Groups.

- Silas Howland, New York, NY











What’s been the most memorable experience so far in this job?

It is hard to decide what has been the most memorable moment for me because inside each day, mixed in between the moments of chaos, there are little things that make me smile and realize that I love my job. Whether it is current clients sharing life moments or new clients welcoming the opportunity for change, there isn't a day that goes by where I can't feel the impact that Groups is making on lives.

- Sarah Adam, Auburn, ME


What’s the hardest part about your job?     

The most challenging aspect of my job is educating others across the community about the mental health model of good customer care and the ethical consideration in practice of "do no harm." The client that comes to us is pretty beaten up and worn down. In many cases they come to us physically ill. It really gets under my skin when people call clients names or don't see their positive attributes. Clients are diamonds in the rough--compassionate care, the right attention, and skills training can help clients shine.

- Allison Puckett, New Albany, IN