How to de-stress and stay clean through the holidays

Groups Holiday Recovery Guide

If you’re stressed this holiday season and you’re worried about keeping your recovery on track, you’re not alone. Being around people, places, and things that are exhausting or triggering can increase your cravings and make it harder to keep your drug recovery on track. To help you de-stress and stay clean through the holiday season, download our new, and completely free, Groups Holiday Recovery Guide.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find in the guide:

Download the Holiday Recovery Guide How to practice self-care

The busy holiday season can pull you in a thousand directions with a thousand things demanding your time and attention. That’s why taking care of your personal needs is more important than ever

The trouble is, it can be tough to remember what self-care looks like in the moment. In the Groups Holiday Recovery Guide, you get tips for setting boundaries and a useful checklist to make sure you give yourself the care you need.

Remember, self-care isn’t a selfish or greedy thing to need – it’s an important part of staying mindful and safe wherever you are on your recovery journey. Also, your self-care practices won’t be the same as others. Focus on activities that you have the most trouble finding time for and activities that recharge your batteries the most.

How to see relapse warning signs

The triggers that lead to cravings and drug use are more common during holidays. You may face traumatic memories and people and places that remind you of dark times. To stay clean through the holidays, stay mindful of what causes negative and unhealthy thoughts that lead to cravings.

The Groups Holiday Recovery Guide shows you ways to identify triggers and cravings and stop them before they get a hold of you. When you can see a craving coming, center yourself, and get the support you need in the moment. That way you can better control your recovery and keep relapses from happening.

Looking for more Holiday Recovery Guide tips and advice?

Download the Groups Holiday Recovery Guide today for activities and advice designed to help you deal with holiday stress and triggers. For all your good days, bad days, and holidays, Groups is here to make your opioid addiction recovery a bit easier.

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Don’t face this holiday season and the new year with fear, regret, and addiction. Find the help you need to get clean and stay clean at Groups Recover Together.


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