Groups Goal Guide: Transportation

National transportation services

Recovery is more than just getting clean. It’s getting back the life you want to live. To do that, we’re here to help you and your family find what they need to survive, grow, and thrive – including safe transportation services to help you get to the appointments you need along the way.

Here are nationwide transportation resources that are available for you today.

Volunteer transportation services

A useful state-by-state directory of volunteer ride providers. Eligibility and availability will vary between each of these programs with many focusing specifically on senior citizens, rural communities, and veterans. Review carefully to find which you’re eligible for.

MTM Non-emergency medical transportation

A membership program that connects people with low-cost non-emergency medical transportation services in their area. MTM connects riders with Medicare and Medicaid transports, local government agencies, healthcare programs, and more.


A non-emergency medical transport service that makes it easy to book a ride to your appointments with some options available for free if your eligible. Want to drive yourself but worried about the cost of gas? ModivCare offers reimbursement too.

Rideshare apps

Services like Lyft and Uber offer convenient rides in areas where public transportation isn’t available or reliable. These apps make it easy to request a ride from your phone and save with promos and rideshare options.

Health plan coverage

You may not know it, but your health plan could offer free rides as a benefit to members. Call your health plan directly to find out if they offer non-emergency medical transportation benefits. Many plans allow for a certain number of free rides per month through services like Lyft and Uber.

Let us help you with transportation services

These programs are available across the US with many more benefits specific to your local area. 

Want help understanding or applying for these or other transportation services? Need assistance getting to a Groups office? Groups members have free access to life goal assistance from our team of experts and in just two years we’ve helped more than 350 people secure reliable access to transportation to their group and many of the other places they need to be.

Get the help you need today. Contact us to get clean, get transportation resources, and recover the life you want to live.