Maine Crisis support resources

Maine Crisis Support

We were devastated to learn about the tragic events that unfolded in our beloved city of Lewiston. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the victims, their families, and anyone who was affected. 

Groups is a community, and we will come together to support each other through and beyond this challenging time.

If you are currently in crisis, please call 1-888-568-1112 for support. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your office team. We’re here for you. 

Groups crisis lines

  • Crisis Line (Maine): 1-888-568-1112
  • Crisis Line (NH): 1-833-710-6477
  • Peer Warm Line (Maine): 1-800-434-3000
  • Peer Warm Line (NH): 1-603-427-6966

National crisis lines

  • Suicide Prevention and Crisis (National): 988
  • The Disaster Distress Hotline (National): 1-800-985-5990

Central Maine Local Resources