Required for Members: Annual consent forms at Groups

Annual consent forms are required by law for all healthcare organizations. They help organizations make sure the people they support understand and give permission for treatment. 

Here’s what you need to know about the process this year at Groups.

What are the annual consent forms? 

Every year, all members must review and sign a packet of consent forms. We need these forms to make sure you understand your rights and give us consent to important aspects of your treatment at Groups.

Why do I need to sign the consent forms?

The consent forms allow us to keep providing care to members. To stay with Groups, you must review and sign these forms. If signing the forms isn’t possible, we can help you give verbal consent. You will go through this process in group with your care team so they can support you.

What are the different forms I need to sign?  

Consent to Treat / Service Agreements: This form is the agreement to receive services at Groups. It includes financial and complaint policies, consent for telehealth services, and state-specific client rights.

Member to Member Rights, Confidentiality, and Privacy: This form is the agreement to be in group therapy sessions with other members. Being in group therapy requires agreeing to keeping members’ names and conversations private. It also requires agreeing to respect all members.

Shared Medical Visit Release of Information: This form gives permission for shared provider visits and shared information during visits. It does not give other members access to your record. 

Consent to Electronic Communication: This form gives permission to Groups to send you text/SMS messages and emails. These messages include reminders, notifications, requests for feedback, and marketing materials. Members should add their preferred emails and phone numbers on this form.

Assignment of Benefits: This form allows Groups to bill your insurance company for services. Depending on the plan, some members may be charged for copayments and coinsurance, and to meet deductibles. 

Notice of Privacy Practices: This form describes how health information may be used and shared, your rights to your information, and privacy complaints.

Consolidated Release of Information: This form gives permission for Groups to reach out to your support systems and providers outside of Groups when helpful for treatment. Groups will typically talk to you before reaching out. Including an emergency contact or support is important. Groups may contact this person if safety concerns come up or we haven’t been able to reach you for an extended period of time and are worried.

Who do I ask if I have questions about any of the forms? 

Talk to your counselor if you have any questions about the consent forms. They can help you understand and sign them.

How do I sign the forms?

Your counselor will walk through the process with you during group time. The forms will be signed through the Groups app. 

What if I don’t want to sign the forms? 

Signing these forms is required if you want to continue treatment at Groups. If you don’t want to sign the forms, we can discuss other treatment options with you.

Have questions? Reach out to your care team. They’re here to support you throughout treatment at Groups. That includes guiding you through the process of signing consent forms and explaining what each form means.