Resources To Help You Reach Your Recovery Goals

New app feature! Introducing the Gift of Recovery

The Gift of Recovery program is designed to provide tools and resources for our members to do what they have done since the beginning of Groups, share recovery with their loved ones and community members.  Now it’s easier than ever for members to share the Gift of Recovery, right from the app! Here’s how it works:

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Update: Groups emails are now even more secure with Virtru

Treatment at Groups often involves sharing sensitive information through email. Because of this, security and privacy are extra important. So, we’ve started using a new tool called Virtru. Virtru adds a layer of security and privacy to Groups messages. Here’s what you need to know about the new tool and how it will change email

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Groups Goal Guide: Insurance and Health Care

At Groups, our comprehensive care model supports the whole you. This includes challenges in life that can sometimes get in the way of meeting short- and long-term goals, like access to health care. Whether you’re considering your insurance options or you’re paying out of pocket for health care, we’re here to help. In this Groups

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The Groups guide to open enrollment

Open enrollment is the easiest time of year for changing health insurance. It’s a great time to get coverage if you don’t have it. Someone might want to change their plan if it doesn’t cover what they need it to.  In open enrollment, you can select a new plan on your state’s Marketplace site. If

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How to have a happy and healthy Halloween in recovery

Holidays can be a really difficult time for people in recovery. For some people, that includes Halloween. People who were separated from kids or have challenging family setups may find it hard to get through family-oriented holidays like Halloween. For others, a day known for partying can bring up past memories of using drugs. If

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